Salon Programme announced for this Sunday

Sunday’s programme comprises shorts which were not included in the official selection of the 9th London Short Film Festival, but which we feel deserve to be celebrated and showcased.  

1. Ellie

Dir. Chris Dundon – UK – 18:00

Desperate to be chosen to compete in the 2012 Olympics, Ellie must first fight her personal battles in order to win the ultimate prize.


2. Conversation on a Bench

Dir. Ross Howieson – UK – 7:53

Two actors discuss their forthcoming ‘big’ auditions. 


3. Corner Shop

Dir. George Hamilton - UK  - 12:01

      A simple dispute in a corner shop exposes raw nerves.


4. I am Lonely

Dir. Phil Haine – UK – 08:00

Learning to live with yourself is a necessity for anyone, especially if you’re the last man alive.


5. The Making of Longbird

Dir. Will Anderson - UK - 15:18

A ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at an Animator, as he struggles with his character.