We are proud to announce that our programme of refusés screening THIS Saturday at the Shortwave Cinema will include the following gems:

THE HALF LIGHT, dir Prasanna Puwanarajah (UK, 13 mins) - A man yearning for a touch of the past searches for a simple beacon of tungsten light in a darkened world, under-lit by energy-saving lightbulbs.

VANISHING, dir Bartosz Kruhlik (Poland, 20 mins) - A teenage boy’s disappearance uncovers some painful family truths.

THE FOX, dir Tony Burke (UK, 4 mins) - A lonely God-fearing spinster is woken in the middle of the night by a fox’s distant and eerie mating calls. She decides to join in.

OUR ORDERED LIVES, dir Christine Entwhistle (UK, 10 mins) - A young girl solemnly carries out an act of love.

WHERE THERE’S SMOKE, dir Andrew Brand (UK, 15 mins) - A couple’s troubled relationship collides with a stranger’s good intentions.

BENCH SEAT, dir Anna Mastro (USA, 19 mins) - A teenage couple’s failure to communicate is set against the glossy background of a real-life high school musical.